Improve Your Home’s Value and Aesthetic Appeal — Choose Premium Siding in Edmonton

When you look at your home’s siding, you may not think much about it other than the fact that it protects the exterior of your home. But, did you know that the type of siding and its overall appearance can actually influence your home’s value? When you consider new vinyl siding, there are a number of varieties that will improve the look of your home and are durable. Premium materials such as Hardie Board and Longboard offer distinct advantages over other basic siding types. From a longer lifespan to enhanced appearance and increased property value, you will know you made a good choice.

The Type of Siding in Edmonton You Choose Matters
If your home’s existing siding is already damaged and worn, any replacement will obviously increase aesthetics, but there are certain types of siding that increase value more than others. Hardie Board and Longboard siding products are two types that can.

Benefits of Upgrading to Modern, Upscale Siding in Edmonton
When you upgrade your home’s siding to Hardie Board and other high-end siding products, you can take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

  1. Longevity - These siding products have an exceptional lifespan. Hardie Board, for example, can last up to 50 years and has a warranty to back it for just as long. That is because these types of siding products are rot and insect resistant, cannot rust, will not warp and are even able to withstand salt spray and excess moisture.
  2. Aesthetics - High-end siding products can be made to mimic other types of siding - such as wood lap, cedar, vinyl, etc. They come in a variety of colours to match or improve your existing exterior too. They can also be created in colours that complement existing rock or brick finishes on your home.
  3. Fire Resistance - Hardie Board, which is cement fibre, and Longboard, which is aluminum, are non-combustible. That means that they are fire-resistant.
  4. Storm Resistance - Unlike traditional wood or cheap vinyl siding, Longboard and Hardie Board products are solid siding materials that can withstand heavy winds, hail, snow and ice. They do not damage or warp easily either.

Have Your Siding in Edmonton Installed by the Pros
The company that installs your siding in Edmonton will also contribute to determining how much value you get from your investment. Siding is meant to enhance the attractiveness of the exterior of your home; therefore, it needs to be aligned properly and anchored correctly. If you are thinking about replacing your existing siding or you are building a new home and want to add a high-quality siding product, contact All-Side Contracting, Ltd.

We offer expert installations for Hardie Board and Longboard siding products and free estimates.

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