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Do you notice water spewing from your eavestrough in the rain? Perhaps you’ve noticed a furry critter or two taking up residence in your gutters? These are signs that it may be time to give your eavestrough a thorough cleaning. Eavestroughs, also known as gutters, are the channels that line the edge of your roof and dispel rainwater away from your home.

With years of experience serving Edmonton homeowners and business contractors, All-Side Contracting Ltd. has the know-how to help you detect when to take control of your roofing system. Keep your attic, interior and surrounding landscape in prime condition by paying attention to these four crucial signs that your eavestrough is in need of immediate care:

  1. Overflowing or leaking: If a sudden spell of rain has created a spillover of water from your gutter, then there is definitely a clog that needs your immediate attention. A mini waterfall cascading from your gutter can lead to pooling around the foundation, causing mildew or damage over time.

  2. Sagging or detaching: If you notice your eavestrough unfastening and falling away from the roof, then it may be giving way under the weight of uncleaned leaves, debris or ice. Before enlisting the help of a professional to repair your eavestrough, consider replacing it with one that’ll hold up in the Edmonton climate.

  3. Invading critters: It’s not uncommon to find birds peeking their heads out from a dirty gutter. A build-up of leaves, branches and other debris offers a ready source of nesting material for our fine-feathered friends. Keep an eye out for squirrels, raccoons or opossums too, as they like laying claim to gutters for protection against predators.

  4. Rusting or staining: Discoloured walls, peeling paint or rust spots along your gutters could all indicate standing water in the system, resulting from either a clog or from cracks and other damages in the framework.

Get your mind in the gutter! To protect your Edmonton home from water damage and avoid any problems in the roofing system that can escalate into unwanted expenses, clean your eavestrough twice a year to remove pesky debris. We recommend doing one cleaning in late spring and another in late autumn, once buds and flowers have come and gone, and leaves from neighbouring trees have fallen. Contact All-Side Contracting Ltd. today for step-by-step assistance on how to properly maintain your eavestroughs. We’re also happy to offer free estimates to save you from climbing up that rickety ladder yourself!

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