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We've seen some wonderful home siding trends in our evening scrolls through Pinterest and other design websites. Here's the best way to describe what we're seeing. People are letting their hair down, throwing caution to the wind, and emerging with sage green homes in pewter trim and ocean blue homes in crisp white trim. We're dazzled and delighted, and we're going to help you achieve one of these feasts for the eye. Take a walk with us through some wonderful siding options for 2021 and beyond.

The Right White We hear you saying it now. "White as a colour trend? Are you serious?" It doesn't sound very innovative on paper, but here's the deal. We're not talking about white siding with a grey roof and burgundy shutters. Yes, that's been one a million times over. We're talking about creamy white paint with large black window panes, earth-tone shutters, and natural wood beams and doors. Creamy white with earth tones and black trim is new to the block. And, when you incorporate large glass sconces with black trim, you're sealing the deal on one of 2021's hottest house exterior trends. High Contrast Colours Black and white are not new. It's as classic as a shirt and ties at Sunday service. But it is new when you consider it on the exterior of the home. And, actually, we're talking about a black or navy home with white trim (not the other way around). Many families took advantage of the free time multiple lockdowns provided and tackled home improvement projects. As such, we've seen wonderful new creations, including navy homes with white trim. Pop a solid oak front door into the mix and consider yourself a curb appeal pro. Earth Tones As we watch in wonder while boring white homes are translated into navy novelties, we're also enjoying the surge in earth tones. Don't think brown and beige. Think bigger and bolder. We're talking about crisp, sage green, aged pewter, and deep ocean blue. Earth tones like pewter and sage don't blend very well with white. So, don't use those siding colours as an opportunity to explore the high contrast trend. However, you can blend them within a colour family variation, which we're about to explore now. Color Family Variations Let's finish with one of our personal favourites. If you're not a fan of high contrast, fear not. Variations within a colour family are very much on-trend for 2021. For example, you might choose light grey siding with dark grey trim. Or, since dark colours are in, you might flip that and opt for dark grey siding with light grey trim. The point is, you don't have to be big and bold with starkly contrasting colours. Rather, you can opt for subtlety and still achieve a modern look. The Best Home Siding for You Whether you're dealing with metal, vinyl, board and batten, or faux shake siding, you can achieve any one of these home siding trends. Here al All-Side Contracting, Ltd., we can customize any job to fit your needs. Enjoy a scroll through our portfolio to see what we can do for you. In addition, always check our website for material warranties! And, when you're ready, we invite you to contact us for a free estimate.

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