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Everyone can agree; a home is one of the most valuable assets we own. To make it our dream house, we are always seeking to improve its appearance and functionality. Installation or replacement of the property siding is essential for its value. If your residential siding is cracked, loose, damaged, or faded, you may need to replace it. Also, if your home lacks one, it's time to think about having a new home siding installed. In any of these siding projects, a reputable siding contractor is invaluable. A properly installed siding has multiple benefits. From increasing your home's value to enriching its curb appeal. However, to enjoy all these benefits, you must hire the right siding contractor. Working with a rogue siding contractor can be time-consuming, messy, and expensive. You don't want all the time and money invested in go down the drain, do you? To get you started, here are 6 key questions to ask a potential siding contractor.

1. What Is Your Experience in Installing Siding? For a top-quality siding service, work with a highly experienced siding contractor. Check on how long the contractor has been in the industry and the types of siding they install. A well-established contractor has worked on numerous projects and knows the best practices. Ask about their recent projects to get an insight into the kind of work they do. 2. Can You Provide References for Recent Jobs? To get a clear picture of what it is like to work with the contractor, ask for references. You need to reach out to their previous clients and get insights about working with the contractor. Also, you can plan a visit to see the recent siding projects they have completed. 3. Do You Have Worker's Compensation Siding installation or repair can be a dangerous job. To avoid being liable for resulting injuries, ensure the contractor has worker's compensation. This ensures the workers are covered against any injury or fatality that might occur on your property. Also, don't just ask if they are covered; ask for proof to be sure. 4. Do you offer warranties? A reputable siding contractor is sure about their work. They offer clients warranties on the work completed. A warranty is a guarantee the contractor offers top-notch services. In case of any issue after that, you can always contact them. 5. Are You Licensed? Only hire a licensed contractor to handle the siding project. Some provinces have requisites that siding contractors should meet before being allowed to operate. Also, check whether the contractor is allowed to operate within your locality. 6. Where Are Your Offices? Don't hire a contractor if you don't know their physical location. You want a contractor you can easily find if the project goes wrong. It's highly recommendable to deal with a local contractor familiar with your area's climate and building codes. Hire a Siding Contractor Today For a commercial or residential siding project, working with a trusted and experienced siding contractor is imperative. Carrying out detailed research beforehand is key to making the best decision. The above questions will get you started when hiring a siding contractor. Are you looking for a siding contractor in Edmonton? At All-Side Contracting Ltd, we got your back. We offer home and business owners professional and affordable exterior renovation solutions. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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