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Edmonton Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia Installation

When building a new home or commercial building, it’s important to make sure the roof has all of the supporting structures it needs to withstand snow, ice, and rain. Among the most important of these structures are the eavestroughs, soffits, and fascia.

The installers at All-Side Contracting Ltd. have years of experience in helping area homeowners, businesses, and contractors; installing a new eavestrough in Edmonton is as simple as calling our team. We will evaluate your home’s water-shedding needs and recommend the highest-quality and most durable materials. Our installer can be trusted to provide you with a reliable soffit, fascia, or eavestrough to suit our Edmonton climate.

Our roofing services include installations of:


  • Eavestroughs that dispel rainwater from your roof to prevent roof damage.

  • Soffit, which provides air circulation to your attic.

  • Fascia that holds the eavestroughs and protects your home’s wood. Our fascia also provides decoration to improve your home’s appearance.


A Quality Eavestrough: Edmonton Homes’ Prime Defence Against Water Damage 

There are two parts to a well-functioning eavestrough: the gutter and the downspout. The gutter runs along every roof line of your home, and the downspout directs the water off the roof and away from your home’s foundation. Together, the downspout and eavestrough of your Edmonton home protect:


  • Your roof, by keeping water from stagnating and freezing on the roof, damaging shingles, and rotting soffit boards and fascia

  • Your attic and interior, by preventing leakage from the roof into your home

  • Your soil and landscaping, by redirecting water that could otherwise pour off the roof and wash away soil and delicate plants bordering your home

  • Your foundation and basement, by keeping water from pooling near the weeping tiles and leaking inside



​How and When to Clean Your Eavestroughs


Cleaning and removing any debris from your eavestrough each fall is highly recommended. You may even want to conduct an initial check during spring or summer to make sure no debris or damage that could snag leaves and cause a blockage come autumn. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional to clean it for you, make sure you inspect the eavestroughs carefully to ensure they are in good shape.

Modern eavestroughs are seamless and rustproof and can even be installed with covers that keep out leaves and debris, greatly reducing their maintenance requirements. If you’ve been eyeing the latest seamless eavestroughs, read on to learn about the top signs your eavestrough needs a replacement. 

The Top 6 Signs You Need a New Eavestrough 


We’re often asked about some of the signs that may indicate when it’s time to replace an eavestrough. Some of the most obvious signs your eavestroughs need replacement can include:

  • Cracks — If you have cracks in your eavestroughs, it’s only a matter of time before water seeps through, causing water damage. While small cracks can often be repaired, extensive cracking may require an eavestrough replacement. 

  • Water spots on ceilings — Have you ever poured water from a full glass into an empty glass and were surprised the water went down the side of the glass instead of straight down into the empty glass? Oftentimes, water doesn’t behave as we would expect; it’s guided more by the laws of hydrogen bonding and surface tension than we tend to believe. So, if you see water spots on your ceiling, don’t assume it’s caused by issues related to your roof or shingles. Water is more likely to travel along a surface than to fall straight down. If you see spots, check your gutters first. 

  • Water damage on the home exterior — Are you seeing signs of rust, rot, water spots, peeling paint, or other damage below your eavestroughs? This could easily be caused by cracks in your eavestrough, or the eavestrough pulling away from the roof apron or fascia board. 

  • Bent and warped seams — Due to damage and aging, the seams of your eavestroughs may begin to show signs of warping or curling. While a repair may be appropriate in some instances, many homeowners are opting for the latest seamless eavestroughs to avoid the issue altogether. 

  • Mildew — Your downspout should end at least six feet away from your home’s exterior. This is to prevent saturation around your foundation and prevent mildew. If you’ve ruled out your downspout as the likely culprit, you may want to look for signs of an aging eavestrough. 

  • Constant blockages — Persistent eavestrough blockages are one of the top reasons homeowners choose to replace their eavestroughs. After all, blockages lead to water damage and sometimes you simply cannot fix a system that wasn’t designed to accommodate the water-shedding needs of your home. 

Are you seeing any of these signs with your eavestroughs? Getting a new eavestrough in Edmonton can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs to your roof, basement, or foundation. Give All-Side Contracting Ltd a call today for installation of an eavestrough for your Edmonton home. 


Choose a Quality Installer for Your Eavestroughs, Edmonton!


For roof features that will last a lifetime, you need to choose the right installer. When you choose All-Side Contracting to install your soffit, fascia, or eavestroughs in Edmonton, you’ll most likely never need to replace these features again.

When you think of All-Side Contracting, we want you to think of the word quality. Since 1978, our family-owned company has provided superior home solutions to the Edmonton community. Our installers perform each installation with care and precision.

Call us today to get a free estimate on a new eavestrough, soffit or fascia in Edmonton. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about our products and services. 


Free Estimates

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