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Long-Lasting Vinyl Siding in Edmonton

Vinyl siding is a plastic exterior option for houses and small apartment buildings. This is used for decoration, weatherproofing and imitating wood clapboard. Choosing the right siding option for your home can be a difficult task. You want a product with the right colour and texture options, but you also want to ensure you’re within your budget and meeting durability needs such as fire resistance. 

While we offer many different materials for siding at All-Side Contracting Ltd., vinyl siding is an Edmonton favourite. This exterior cladding has proven to deliver a substantial number of benefits to homes and businesses even though it is light and designed of plastic material. If you are a home or business owner looking to receive the most out of your investment, vinyl siding is a great option for you. 

Vinyl Siding Offers Many Benefits 

By choosing vinyl siding in Edmonton, you’re getting a material that is built to last. Unlike traditional wood siding, which must be regularly painted and replaced as it ages, warps or breaks, your vinyl siding will hold its value and its appearance for many years; your investment in the purchase and installation of vinyl siding will likely be all that you will pay for the life of the product. If you prefer the organic appearance of wood, stone or slate, vinyl siding can give you the look you want combined with the durability and longevity that other materials don’t provide. The benefits of vinyl siding include:

  • Variety: When you choose vinyl siding, you have a broad selection of colours and textures to choose from. With more than 400 colour options, vinyl siding is sure to match any design ideas you have in mind for your home or business. 

  • Durability: With the ability to withstand harsh weather, not corrode over time and resist damaging pests, vinyl siding is designed to protect your home and ensure long-term durability. Continually innovating, vinyl siding in Edmonton can additionally improve the safety of your home with its fire-resistant composition.

  • Low maintenance: With vinyl siding in Edmonton, you have the opportunity to save time and money. There is no repainting, staining or caulking required with vinyl siding. You only need to periodically clean it with mild soap and water, so no harmful solvents are released into the environment.

  • Eco-friendly: Vinyl siding offers a long, eco-friendly life cycle. Manufactured using an extremely efficient process, vinyl siding is produced with virtually no waste. 

  • Cost-effective: Due to its durability, low maintenance and eco-friendliness, vinyl siding is one of your most cost-efficient options. Not only is there a lower upfront cost, but you’ll also be spending much less money over the lifetime of this product as opposed to other siding options.

Because vinyl siding is so light and durable, installing this product is a breeze. If you want to update your home’s or business’ exterior in a cost-efficient manner, vinyl siding is the way to go.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does vinyl siding require maintenance?
A: Vinyl siding rarely needs maintenance. They should be washed and cleaned at least once a year for a fresh appearance.

Q: Is vinyl siding weather resistant?
A: Vinyl siding is made of durable material which lasts long. It is resistant to heat, cold and moisture.


Contact All-Side Contracting Ltd. about Our Vinyl Siding in Edmonton

Once you decide on the type of siding you want for your home, you need to choose the right company to install it. Proudly serving Edmonton since 1978, All-Side Contracting Ltd. will get the job done right every time. We strive to exceed expectations and offer dependable service from our knowledgeable team.

To select the perfect vinyl siding for your Edmonton home or business, visit us at our location today to see the many affordable options we have to offer.


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