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Vinyl and metal siding are the first line of defense against the harsh Edmonton elements. For them to do their job and protect your property, however, they need all the help they can get. Once the barrier set up by your siding has been breached, termites, rodents, and the weather all have a point of access to the wood or other materials underneath. For siding to work its best, it has to work as a whole. We at All-Side Contracting Ltd. in Edmonton would like to let you know about a few signs that your house needs new siding.

Rot or Mold If you see either rot or mold anywhere on the side of your house, it means that something is wrong with your siding. For these to come about, you need a material like wood and moisture to get together for a while. If your siding is letting that much moisture in, it needs replacement. Warped, Uneven or Bent Panels Panels that are straight and evenly spaced look great. But they also need to be that way for functional purposes as well. If there is any warping of the panels, the wood underneath will be exposed to the elements. Nail Problems Most of the force that keeps your siding attached to your home comes from the nails that fasten it to your walls. If these nails come loose or get damaged, even the most pristine siding panels won’t be much help in protecting your home. If you see any missing, exposed, or rusty nails, you should get your siding inspected by your local Edmonton siding contractors. Water Stains One of the more subtle signs that there’s something wrong with your siding is if you see water stains developing on the side of your house. Another reason to keep your siding straight and proper is that it helps direct water away from your home. If water is hanging around the side of your home long enough to cause a stain, it means there’s probably something wrong with the way it’s being redirected. Rising Utility Bills There can, of course, be a lot of reasons for rising utility bills. If nothing about your habits are changing but your bill continues to rise, be sure to put your home’s siding on the list of things to check. Bad siding can let the elements in and make your heating and cooling systems have to work harder to get the same result. At All-Side Contracting Ltd., we offer great selection of siding—vinyl, steel, stone veneer, along with variety of colours and finishes to best suit your style. If you’re in need of advice or a free estimate about your siding, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a stress-free exterior renovation. We’ve been catering to the needs of the Edmonton community for 35 years and work hard to maintain our reputation as one of the best choices for siding in Edmonton.

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