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Previously, the utility of metal roofs was limited to warehouses and barns. But, now they are popular for all types of buildings – residential and commercial. Compared to asphalt shingles, they are more durable and versatile. They stand up well to high winds and a protective coating discourages rust. All Side Contracting Ltd. has been installing metal roofing in Edmonton for 20 years. Being well-versed in the process, we bring you certain factors to consider regarding this.

What Contributes to a Quality Metal Roof? Once you realize you want to buy a metal rooftop, perform your research before having it installed. You don’t want to end up fixing an inferior-quality product. Here is a list of what to inquire about before you take the leap:

  • Warranty:

Warranties can save you from many future headaches. It is better to know in advance whether the product will be delivered as promised or not. Like most construction materials, you should receive a product warranty from the manufacturer and an Installation Workmanship certificate from the contractor. While analyzing these, ask a few questions like:

  • What exactly does it cover? Your warranty can cover only a specific coverage, and it may depend on the type of roof and the weather conditions of your area. For instance, watertight warranties cover leaks in the roofing system. Sometimes, paint applied to the metal substrate is specifically insured.

  • What is the process of applying the warranty and what are inclusions or exclusions? Understand the different elements included or excluded, and what the procedures for applying a warranty are. Some are non-prorated in the initial years but dramatically move forward later on.

  • Is there any specific wind and hail coverage? These cause the most common problems in roofs. Learn about the terms and conditions which would apply in such cases.

  • Can it be transferred to future owners, and if there are any extra costs for it? This aspect is important if you are considering selling your property. You can also inquire if registering the warranty will cost or not.

All Side Contracting Ltd. offers a 10-year guarantee on workmanship and CHMC approved products for metal roofing in Edmonton, backed by lifetime warranties.

  • Metal

There are four major types of metal used for roofing: 1. Galvanized Steel with a primary zinc coating for corrosion resistance 2. Galvalume Steel with a primarily aluminum coating for corrosion resistance 3. Aluminum 4. Copper Your requirements will help you in choosing one metal over the other. For example, aluminum and copper are more malleable than steel. Additionally, aluminum suits corrosive coastal environments.

  • Coatings

Beyond the metal itself, you will want to learn about the various coatings available. Each serves a different function and suits different conditions. Familiarize yourself with the one you choose for your roof. Apart from the copper roof which is mill finished, other materials will need different coatings.

  1. Clear Acrylic – This is used on lower-end corrugated metal roofs for a ‘bare metal’ look. It can last for five to seven years depending on the weather exposure

  2. Polyester variant – Available in various grades, this coating is of ‘intermediate’ quality. The ‘high-performance’ graded ones are better but may fade with about ten years of exposure

  3. Aggregate - These are ‘stone coatings’, creating the illusion of asphalt shingles. The granules may wear away with time and can get algae stains, which are common in damp environments.

  4. Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF – Known for long-term performance, PVDF coatings incorporate heat-reflective pigments. They are made with ‘print-coat’ technology which can give you multiple colours on the roof.

  5. Powder PVDF – A textured PVDF coating is applied on top of a smooth PVDF coating. The result is a finish that’s highly decorative and colourful. Due to the thickness, its life expectancy is 100+ years.

  • Product Design

The style of the product should aesthetically match your property. Metal roofs are available in different styles with small differences difference in price. You can choose a traditional vertical seam panel or a product with a shingle, tile or slate look. The most common finishes manufactured are:

  • Stone-coated steel roofing in facsimile shake and tile pattern in a variety of colours

  • Galvanizedsteel roofs with a baked-on acrylic finish in limited standard colours

  • Galvanizedsteel roofs which are fitted to look like tiles

  • A range of aluminum and copper shingles resembling wood shakes

Moreover, you should consider two more factors when choosing the design:

  • Fastening - The metal sheets or tiles can have exposed or concealed fasteners. Theexposed ones are cheaper but need periodic tightening.

  • Interlockvs Overlap – Some may fully interlock on the sides, offering better weather and wind resistance. Overlapping panels open up over time and may fill-up with debris.

  • Testing and Approvals

Your contractor or manufacturer can allow you to test the product you are most interested to buy. You can also view the seals of approval it may have won that will provide some insight into the product’s quality. Always choose reputable and certified contractors for metal roofing services in Edmonton. They should be aware of the various techniques and tools required for metal roofing. Learn more about the benefits of metal roofing in our other blog. Contact All Side Contracting Ltd. for quality exterior renovation solutions like siding, eavestrough and window capping.

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Choosing a quality metal roof involves careful consideration of various factors. Roofing Contractor Prince George, with 20 years of experience in installing metal roofing, emphasizes the importance of warranties, metal types, coatings, product design, and testing. Make an informed decision with a trusted roofing contractor like us to ensure durability and satisfaction.

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