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Exterior wood trim can require a good deal of maintenance. When the paint begins to peel, you get wood rot, mould and moisture problems. That is, unless you opt for window capping. With window capping, you no longer need to lift a finger—nor reach for your pocketbook—to keep your trim looking as good as new. And it has a bunch of other advantages to boot. Keep reading to find out more.

About window capping Window capping, also known as trip capping, is an aluminum or vinyl covering that is installed overtop a house’s exterior wood trim. This durable and waterproof covering resembles the original trim in colour and style. Benefits of window capping Window capping has a host of advantages. It’s low-maintenance. When you have capping, peeling paint, rotting wood and other such issues requiring maintenance are a thing of the past. All you need to do is occasionally hose off your window capping and your trim will remain in perfect shape for years and years. It’s protective. Capping protects the wood’s integrity by acting as a barrier against the elements, particularly moisture. It also protects the wood trim from pests such as termites and beetles. Moreover, it provides resistance against fire. It eliminates maintenance costs. Capping is a one-time investment and in the long run spares you the maintenance costs that unprotected wood trim entails. It reduces energy costs. Capping saves you money on your heating bill during winter by reducing drafts inside your home and by providing extra insulation against the cold. And it lowers your air-conditioning costs in summer, as it helps to block out heat. It’s attractive. Capping maintains a just-painted look, giving your home a fresh appearance. Choosing a window capping professional In order to provide all the above advantages, window capping needs to be professionally installed. The company you hire should have extensive knowledge of capping techniques and should use quality materials. Make your decision based on a company’s experience, professionalism and reputation. If you’re looking for high quality window capping professional in Edmonton, you can count on All-Side Contracting Ltd. Our experienced and knowledgeable installers are committed to performing a perfect installation and we use only the best and most durable products. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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