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Did you know Canadians spend $2-15 million a year on roof repairs alone? Roofing is a delicate job that requires strong expertise to ensure a good job. Proper maintenance for your property's roof requires some knowledge. It makes a difference to know the anatomy of what makes a roof as well as the roles each component plays. Have you ever heard of eavestrough, soffit, or fascia? Probably not. Keep reading to learn what these 3 roofing components are and why they're important.

How Does Eavestrough Protect Your Roof? Eavestrough plays a crucial part in any roof by protecting your property against complications such as standing water around the foundation. Anytime rain or snow hits the top of the roof, the eavestrough collects the water. Hail storms are a common issue for homeowners living in Canada due to snow, making eavestrough important. Eavestrough then deposits that water away and out the home's foundation. The construction prevents the issue of water damage from occurring in the house. One sign your eavestrough is in trouble is if you notice water gushing from certain areas like the gutter. Any detachment or leaks require repair. How Does Soffit Protect Your Roof? Soffit is another roofing component that runs along the base. It is a horizontal material made from vinyl or aluminum. It shields the underside of the roof's overhang. Not only does this provide protection, but Soffit also helps promote ventilation in the home while keeping the temperature regulated. Having Soffit as part of your roof also works as a double barrier, protecting property from outside factors by filling space. A good way to look at soffit is as the "ceiling" of the roof. There are two unique styles: solid or vented. The vented soffits have holes that allow air to pass through, which provides enhanced circulation. Soffits also improve things like energy expenses and efficiency, reduce the risk of mould, decay, and ice dams by giving your home the ability to breathe. Soffits can also deter pests from entering the home. How Does Fascia Protect Your Roof? The fascia of a roof is the board that runs across the ends. Fascia or horizontal pieces that cover the area between the fascia boards and the soffit. Out of all the components, you will see the fascia most visibly. Fascia offers a lovely finish to your home for aesthetics. Nonetheless, the main role it provides is as a barrier between harmful outside elements and keeping them at bay. Expert Roofing Installation With All-Side Contracting Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia are key aspects of a roof. However, many homeowners don't know what the three are until it's too late. These small aspects of the roof play a large role in how your home functions. If you notice there is an issue with rotting wood, curling shingles, moisture damage, or pests, you need a roof specialist. Prevention is also better than cure. If you're building a new home or commercial property, the roof should need a roofing soffit, eavestrough, and fascia to withstand weather events. Please contact us for free estimates.

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