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In Alberta, this year, new housing starts have increased by over 20% from last year. But with all this construction, many people don't stop to think about what kind of siding they want on their homes. Vinyl siding is a prevalent style of siding for new homes. But what's so good about vinyl? Read on for everything you need to know about this great siding material!

1. Inexpensive One of the most significant benefits is that vinyl siding is affordable compared with other materials. Many people who need new siding for their homes will switch to vinyl for the cost savings it provides. This reduces your costs as a homeowner, saving you a lot of money, in the long run, to put towards other repairs or uses. Because it is so lightweight, vinyl siding installation is also easier than other siding materials. This also saves you money with installation and repair costs. You don't have to know how to install vinyl siding yourself to take advantage of these lower costs! Owning a home can be expensive, so finding ways to cut some of your costs without cutting quality will take you far. Vinyl siding is a great place to start! 2. Low Maintenance After installing vinyl siding, it requires very little, if any, maintenance. You can wash it every once in a while, to remove dirt and grime, but otherwise, you don't have to do anything with it! Other types of siding often require painting or other maintenance, which costs you time, effort, and money. Additionally, it's very affordable and easy to replace or fix if you need vinyl siding repair. And it's designed to last, so you shouldn't need repairs unless your house suffers significant damage. You do have to be careful with heat, such as barbecues or fire pits near your home. But aside from that, your vinyl siding should last you quite a long while without the need for additional repair or care. 3. Aesthetically Pleasing Besides the cost and maintenance, vinyl siding just looks good! The iconic, panelled look is one big reason so many people love this siding style. You also get plenty of different vinyl siding colours to choose from, letting you customize your house's look the way you want. And if you want your home to blend in with those around you, you have that option too! Can you paint vinyl siding if you don't like the colour? Of course! But unlike other types of siding, you don't have to paint it if you don't want to. Get Your Vinyl Siding Today Getting vinyl siding in Edmonton is easier than ever before and worth your time! You'll be amazed at how nice and easy to care for your new siding is. So if you'd like to learn more about siding, or you'd like to get some installed on your home, contact All-Side Contracting! We're eager to help you figure out all your siding needs and make sure you're pleased with the results.

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