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Has this happened to you in your search for vinyl siding installation over existing siding? Your neighbour says, "You can't do that!" You wonder, "What's the deal here?" It's a common question homeowners are asking in the Edmonton area. "Can I install vinyl siding over existing siding?" The answer depends on many factors, such as your home's age, construction type, and the condition of your existing siding. Read on to find out more.

Can You Install Vinyl Siding Over Existing Siding? Cost is the biggest reason why homeowners install vinyl over existing siding. Vinyl can be installed on top of wood or stucco without removing it first, which saves you time and money! This is an option if your existing siding is sound and free of rot. This means your exterior walls are thicker. You may have to remodel or "build-out" window frames and doorways to maintain weather tightness and the look of your home. Many timber-framed homes do not have perfectly straight exterior walls. Installing new siding over wavy walls can produce a look you may not be happy with. It pays to check out how straight your walls are before you decide. Benefits of Removing Old Siding Before Installing New Siding Your exterior walls stay the same thickness as previous which means existing window and door frames will fit, maintaining the weather tightness and street appeal of your home. Should I Hire a Professional? The decision to hire a professional is up to the individual; however, many people do find it beneficial. Professional contractors can provide reassurance and guidance. They are experienced in installing vinyl siding. In addition, always check the website for material warranties! You could save yourself time and money on your project by hiring a professional company that has the skills and experience like All-Side Contracting Ltd.

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