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Many people, when surveyed, said that the outside of a house influenced their opinion of the person inside it. We've all heard the mantra—don't judge a book by its' cover. Even though this is great advice, it turns out that many people still do it! This is partially due to unconscious bias, colour association, and colour psychology. For instance, you might walk through a neighbourhood with an assortment of homes. Most are painted white or gray, with a few red and blue outliers. With tidy accented trim, most of them look the same. Then, you see a home with neon pink and orange siding colours. You might subconsciously assume that the owner is a free spirit, a hippie with artistic inclinations. Just like that, you've been influenced by a home's exterior! Choosing siding colours is a big deal. That's why we've assembled a guide to help with choosing siding colours, so you have the perfect match for your home!

What Do You Want To Do? Before you start picking siding colours, consider what you plan to do with that home. If you're going to sell and move in a few years, doing anything unorthodox with the colour could make it more difficult to sell. If you want to sell soon, try to match other homes in your neighbourhood. This will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. You should also consider how much you want your siding colour to stand out. If you have the only neon pink home in the neighbourhood, it will quickly draw attention and become a landmark. What You Should Factor In You should also consider complementary colours and how they work together. Art theory matters whether you're painting a masterpiece, doing makeup, or selecting a siding colour. For instance, blue and orange are complimentary. They are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which is why they look great together. It's the reason that many women with blue eyes use gold- or orange-toned makeup. With this in mind, you could paint your home blue with orange trim if you want something funky and eclectic. You should also consider how different the colour will look based on the time of year and the lighting. A red house will glow in the snowy wintertime but will look different during a sunset in the summer. Picking a paint colour for your entire house is a big commitment, so make sure you check out potential home sidings in every light. When choosing siding colours, you should also consider your roof. Is it bright metal or covered with dark shingles? Colours for siding should complement or contrast your roof. You should also take your home's interior and personality into account. Is the inside of your home full of funky colours and oddities from your travels? Or have you embraced a sleeker, more minimalistic style? Choosing Siding Colors If you're ready to pick out siding colours for your home, it's time to hire a contractor. If you want experienced, top-notch professionals painting your home, contact us today!

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