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Did you know that there are 72,000 species of trees in the world? That means there are at least as many patterns of wood grains to choose from. Each one of those tree species, and even each tree, has a unique wood grain. Different wood grains, used in homes and building constructions, elevate a home. Wood and wood grains add a terrific aesthetic appeal and are solid and versatile. Keep reading our wood grain guide to learn more about wood grains and why they make a good choice for you.

What Is Wood Grain? Wood grain is an arrangement of wood fibres that grow within a tree. The log of each cut tree has a unique pattern of darker and lighter wood, which results in the "grain." The arrangement, size, and type of these fibres will differ depending on the sawing methods. Different sawing ways reveal several grain patterns, even from the same log. Benefits of Wood Grains When choosing wood, you are opening up to a world of different wood grains that can positively change every space. Here are several benefits to choosing wood grain for your construction and renovation projects. Long-Lasting and Quality Design The use of wood has a way of creating a classic, elegant look. Wood grains add depth to every piece of wood, but wood has always been considered a solid and long-lasting material. Siding, furniture, cabinetry, and flooring all benefit from wood's durability and elevated look. The wood grains add another layer of uniqueness that elevates the look of every room and each design feature. Versatility and Range One of the great features of using wood grain in your design projects is that it offers an extensive range of wood tones—from very light to very dark shades. Different wood grain patterns are used to achieve different looks. Darker shades of wood grain may convey a professional, serious, and high-quality tone. It makes large spaces cozy and adds serious design appeal to a room. Lighter shades—great for a cottage look or modern spaces—create an airy feel, making a room feel larger and more spacious. Mixing wood grain types, including light and dark wood grains, can be combined with careful planning. To do so, plan your room design, consider the undertones of each type of wood, and don't go too wild with too many wood tones. A Natural Element Wood reminds us of nature. Natural elements in any room are soothing, and wood grains are one of the elements with that effect. The use of wood makes a room feel warmer and more relaxing. It's a look that will always be in style and even improves our mental health. Detailed wood grains bring nature indoors with the beautiful patterns found in the wood of trees. Unlimited Possibilities With Wood Grains The possibilities for changing your home with different wood grains are endless. Wood is the right choice to create uniqueness and quality in your space and to bring a piece of nature indoors. The team at All-Side Contracting has 35 years of experience offering high-quality renovations and building work in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We deliver excellent results, and our pleasant and knowledgeable service makes all the difference. Contact us today for all of your home renovation or construction needs.

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