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At All-Side Contracting Ltd, we want you to get the most out of your siding. When you're in need of a little facelift for your home's exterior, what should you do? That is the question.

Step One Your first step to upgrading your home's siding is going to be to wash the siding. Use a power washer and remove all the dirt that may be on the siding. This way, you can better determine if you need to replace the siding. You will find commercial siding cleaners at most home improvement stores that you can hook on to your garden hose. You can also use laundry detergent (powder and TCP) or vinegar; just be sure to rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely. Replace Siding After you have thoroughly cleaned your siding, if you see any damage, it's a good idea to replace your siding. This damage would include extreme chipping in the paint, dry rot, warping, cracked or loose siding, fungus, mould, and mildew. Any bubbles in the siding might point to deeper issues in the long run and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. When replacing your siding, you have the option of giving your home an entirely new look. Vinyl siding offers various texture options and hundreds of colour options. By washing your siding once a year, vinyl siding can last up to 40 years! While the cost of replacing is a higher up-front cost, over time, it will save you money. Long-Lasting Siding All-Side Contracting Ltd offers unique metal and steel siding options. Along with its many colours and variations, steel and metal siding are fireproof and comes with a list of extreme benefits. These benefits include protection from hailstones, high-speed winds, extreme temperatures, ants, and termites. The experienced staff at All-Side Contracting Ltd will ensure that you achieve the look and style you are going for. We will have our experts install your siding seamlessly so that it can last forty years or more. The upkeep for metal and steel siding is less than that of other types of siding. A rinse every so often will keep your siding in optimal shape. Give Us A Call At All-Side Contracting Ltd, we are ready to help you replace your old and worn-out siding. Don't repaint; replace with high-quality, fire-resistant, beautiful siding that will last for 40+ years. In addition, always check our website for material warranties.

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