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Your home's interior isn't the only part of your home that can use an upgrade. Did you know that increasing curb appeal can increase your home's value by up to 11%? So, which exterior renovation will add the most value to your home? Let's find out!

Best For Long Term: Vinyl Siding Here in Alberta, anything you do to prepare for winter is welcome. Vinyl siding is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home's exterior. It's durable, aesthetic, and lasts forever. Also, it's a close contender for ROI, as it doesn't need to be repainted or replaced. Moreover, vinyl siding can protect your home from moisture damage and harsh weather elements and offer better insulation while offering a uniform look to make your neighbours jealous. For this reason, vinyl siding is one of the most sought-after features by homebuyers! Good Budget Exterior Renovation: Landscaping The reason landscaping is suitable for your budget is that it can do so much to improve curb appeal, and you don't necessarily need to hire professionals. You can do a lot with basic materials and limited tools, some of which are free. For example, adding a stone firepit to your yard doesn't have to cost much, but it could act as a beautiful centrepiece to the yard. Maintaining your lawn and tending to your bushes outside can go a long way. However, these benefits can be limited, so we also recommend professional help. Best Small-Scale Project: Window Cappings and Shutters If you want to make some moderate upgrades to make your home stand out, look at the windows. Your window caps and shutters can make an excellent contrast to your home's siding, dramatically reducing home costs. The best part is that these are limited projects, so you won't have to break the bank or wait too long to get it done. This small investment goes a long way, especially if you're already happy with your siding! Boost Your Home Value Today Now that you know some of the best options choose an exterior renovation for your home today. The sooner you do, the better your home will look, and the more you can sell your home in the future! Stay up to date with our latest home renovation tips, and don't hesitate to contact All-Side Contracting with any questions or for help with these services!

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