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Did you know that a roof can cost as much as $25,000 to replace? When your gutters are clogged with dirt and debris, including sticks and leaves, they fail to do their job. Since home gutters are meant to redirect rainfall, they can't perform their job when clogged. Most people take their home gutters for granted but cleaning them out should be one of the ways you maintain your home. Here's why you should consider getting your gutters checked at regular intervals.

Avoid Roof Damage Gutters are meant to redirect water off your roof and onto the ground, away from the building. If you don't clean out all the leaves and garbage that accumulates, the water will get backed up. All of that water will collect on the bottom of your roof and potentially damage it. This can lead to wet insulation, mould, and structural damage. What would have once been a simple cleaning job will turn into a much more challenging fix? Even mobile home gutters will need cleaning from time to time. In some cases, you may want them to redirect water away from your home's foundation. Keep Pests Away Rodents and insects love damp areas, especially if many leaves and sticks provide ample dwelling. Unless you regularly clean out your gutters, they can make a perfect home for these pests. The last thing you want is bugs to fall onto your head from your rooftop. Even worse, if water damage leads to holes in your roof, then those bugs can easily make their way inside your house. Termites can access your walls, and rodents can expose your family to diseases. Proper Rain Flow One of the benefits of functioning gutters is that they redirect the flow of water from rain. A clogged gutter may cause water to pour down in random areas, which can damage any plants in their path. Too much water can prove harmful for plants, especially if it pours down onto a single spot. Any ground structures or decorations may get damaged as well. Maintain Your Home Whether you've installed DIY gutters or had them installed by a contractor, they're just as much a part of your home as your front porch or garden. However, they often go overlooked due to their placement on top of your house. Cleaning your rain gutters is essential for keeping your yard and home looking their best. It also looks better for visitors if you don't have weeds sprouting from your roof. Overlooked Home Gutters Gutters are one of the essential parts of your house. They redirect rainwater and protect the sides and your roof from water damage. As such, it's important to clean and maintain your home gutters. All-Side Contracting Ltd. provides professional and affordable exterior renovation solutions for everyone in the Edmonton area. Come see how you can get the right siding and roofing options for your home.

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